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12u Jim & 14u Diamond Nation Nationals Summer 2019

Nighmare October Fest Runner Ups

West Jersey Challenge Champions

Olivia, Amanda, Michele Smith, Molly, Coach Rich


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Two graduates of our program at Spring Training for the Coastguard. Go Emma and Courtney!


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It is that time of year where we need to start thinking about our teams, Players, college girls, etc.  Unfortunately the season has been cancelled for all college girls but I am still planning on having the 23u league.  Hopefully everything will be in the upward swing by the time we want to start.  I have also had a request from a couple of college teams that want to play but they would like Sunday's.  If you would be interested in any of the following, please reach out to me:

1.  Playing 23u League for Avalanche
2.  Playing 23u Tournament team for Avalanche
3.  Participating in the 23u League starting 6/17
4.  Participating in a 23u League starting 5/13 or 5/20 (state preference)
5.  Playing in Wednesday night league
6.  Playing in a Sunday afternoon league

I am also looking for people who would have access to several centralized fields that maybe we could have a few games going on at the same time on Sunday's.  Any ideas, input, etc..  This is mainly the northern New Jersey teams, colleges, schools that I am reaching out to.  Will be happy to work something out if anyone from other areas wants to participate.  Some travel (usually within an hour) will be required.

Contact me at  Thanks.


Senior Team - looking for a pitcher (graduated senior)

Showcase team is looking for a strong pitcher. 

18u Premier - looking for a pitcher and catcher

16u - outfielder and infielder

12u - looking for a pitcher (Drury team)

12u - looking for an outfielder (Diaz team)

If you are interested in our Senior team - this for girls already committed to a college that are not interested in playing in showcase tournaments any more.  This team will play in a 23u league and do 3-4 tournaments fairly local.

Any questions, contact us at



Please understand that though Morris Catholic is our "Main" field, with the number of teams we have we have practices at outlaying fields.  ie. Roseland, Roxbury, Montville and Livingston (any others we can find or people have connections with, we are happy to consider those too).

2019 Playing for the Pink - 12u Drury Champions

Jennie Finch & Carsyn

Daniela Brescia USSSA Home Run Award

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North Jersey Avalanche

North Jersey Avalanche is an organization based out of Northern NJ that is focused on the development of softball players from ages 10-23+.


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